About Marcia

Hi, my name is Marcia and I stepped back onto my spiritual pathway in my early 40’s after a 17 year break. I pretty much picked up where I left off in Feb 2017 and I'm now working as a natural healing channel that encompasses love from 100% pure light. I work with beings from all realms through the creator of all that is.


Through pure determination and a passion for helping people, I have become a Usui & Angelic Reiki Master Healer & Teacher, Advanced EFT & Matrix & Past Life Reimprinting Practitioner, Theta Healer, Crystal Healer, Access Consciousness ‘The Bars & Face Lift’ Practitioner & a Sound Therapist using tuning forks.

I specialise in finding the deep-rooted issues that have become our beliefs from childhood, the programs that we walk around with playing out in our everyday lives. Having experienced the darkest depths of my own soul growing up, bad relationships, carrying trauma and living in complete fear, I have become good friends with my shadow side which has restored balance. This has enabled me to help and empower others, giving them the tools they need to help themselves.


Doing the work on myself through courses and self-development has lifted my energy, lightened my soul, functioning on a much higher vibration leaving behind everything that no longer serves me.

After being in dysfunctional and abusive relationships finding everything i didn't want has enabled me to find everything that i do want and meeting the love of my life...Olivia!

Olivia and I have also both become best selling Co Authors on Amazon in our book collaboration with 20 other Inspirational like minded women who have come together to share our stories on our spiritual pathway. Its an incredible book and the reviews say it all.


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