About Olivia


HI, I'm Olivia, a 45 year old Primary School Teacher from Kent. I have 4 beautiful children aged 25,19, and 17 year old boy girl twins who are my teachers, my friends and my inspiration.


I have been a Primary School Teacher for the last 15 or so years which has enabled me to see my children grow and change especially as I have followed them a round a few of their schools! I have used mindfulness techniques such as meditation, sound bowls and EFT in school and I regularly run workshops and sessions with individuals.


I have a year and a half old sausage dog called Martin and love to walk him in the countryside around our house, I love cooking, baking and have been a vegetarian for over 7 years.


Marcia and I work together to deliver workshops and have recently become involved in working for a local charity providing tools for local children and parents to support with mental health and well-being; Our dream as healers is to empower both parents and children so that they may have the most amazing healing and awakening experiences ever.


We have just set up our Facebook group, Fluid Minds, where I plan to promote EFT (Tapping) and well-being in local groups and schools. 

Marcia and I have also both become  best selling Co Authors on Amazon in a book collaboration with 20 other Inspirational like minded women who have come together to share our stories on our spiritual pathway. Its an incredible book and the reviews say it all.


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