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Working on yourself doesn't have to be scary,  we're here to show you how this is possible, wherever you are on your journey.

Fluid Minds can give you the tools you need to get your life back on track

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable, growth only happens when you step outside of your comfort zone.

Using an array of modalities, we are here to help you transition with ease and hold space in a safe environment.

We work with the Inner Child, Shadow Side, In Utero, Surrogate, Past Lives & Future Self

In short, we are energy healer practitioners working with your echo's.

Echo's are aspects of us from different timelines

Here's what we can help you with...

  • Your younger self, usually known as your Inner child 

  • Your current self, experiencing the shadow side

  • In Utero, you in the womb when your mum carried you

  • Working with you as a surrogate for your own child(ren) needing help

  • Visit your past lives

  • Speak to your future self.


Free yourself,
From yourself

Are you fed up of feeling fed up?

Are you stressed out that you get stressed?

Are you angry that you keep getting angry?

Are you frustrated that you're stuck and can't move out of it? 

Let us show you another way

We Specialise In
EFT & Matrix Re-Imprinting

Having worked through our own traumas, we have found this to be one of the most powerful modalities to heal our inner child, which in turn, helped us heal our adult self. When our adult self can't function properly, it's time to find a new coping mechanism and dig a bit deeper.

 With years of experience in this field, we are truly passionate about what we do. So many people don't even know they can work one to one with a qualified practitioner without being on a lengthy waiting list.


Why wait? Get booked in today and live the rest of your life, that's what we're here for. Click the button for more info

Why Inner Child work is so important...

This is what it can look like when our Inner Child is stuck in our adult life, let's go back and rescue them

If you could go back in time and speak to your younger self, what would you say?

Well, now you can with Fluid Minds. It is so important to go back and speak with your younger self, no matter how old you were. Can you imagine what your younger self has to say to you? Perhaps they just need to be heard, seen or be shown love. Whatever the reason, they just want you to show up and be the adult they didn't have that day. This is where we get to re-parent our inner child.

Before we are 7 years old, we subconsciously form beliefs about how we should behave and what we must do to feel loved and survive in our immediate surroundings. These immature beliefs can linger with us into adulthood, governing our lives and relationships. The inner child houses most of our beliefs about ourselves and is where a lot of our emotional wounds originate.

Despite growing up, the inner child continues to reside within us, influencing our mental health and contributing to self-destructive patterns and cycles. Therefore, incorporating inner child work into your healing journey is vital.


Not many people are aware, but we can carry trauma in the cells of our body, even if we have dealt with it in our head. If left unhealed, it can manifest as illness, disease, mental health, blocks and much more. 


Signs it's time to heal your inner child:

  • You have trouble setting boundaries and saying ‘no’

  • You have a harsh inner voice and inner critic

  • You get quite emotional when you think of yourself as a child or experience blocks when you try to connect with him/her/them

  • You lack a strong sense of self-confidence

  • You tend to feel quite anxious and disconnected

  • You need constant reassurance and validation

  • You didn't have the childhood or caregivers you needed

  • You are constantly seeking safety and security

  • You fear rejection and abandonment

Inner child healing offers tools to individuals to overcome past traumas and move forward. Through understanding the sources of certain behavior patterns, individuals can take important steps towards recovery.

Inner child healing uses a gentle and productive approach to accessing one's pain through EFT, Matrix Re-Imprinting and Theta Healing, enabling individuals to begin the healing process.

When you begin to heal your inner child, you:

⭐Build self-esteem and self-confidence

⭐Better understand and process your emotions

⭐Become more resilient and connected to your essence

⭐Develop healthier relationships with others

⭐Feel confident setting and following through with boundaries

⭐Heal past hurt and trauma

⭐Develop a sense of self and deeper acceptance

⭐Feel at peace with yourself and feel more harmonious

⭐Experience healthier and more fulfilling relationships


We truly believe that interacting with your inner child, finding resolution and resolving past traumas is the key to moving forward. 

Reach out and connect with us today. We would love to hear from you

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seeking answers outside of yourself


inside and trust your intuition


to your inner wisdom

What's New?

  • Digital Online Ebooks - Now you can work on yourself online, in your own time and in the comfort of your own home with exercises and journals to complete

  • Mentorship Programs - For people looking to do sessions more than once per week for extra support 

  • Remote Healing - Connect to your higher-self in our one-to-one sessions through video calls 

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