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Single sessions and blocks of 3 sessions can only be purchased if you are familiar with this work or have booked a block of 5 sessions

Why purchase a block booking?

Block bookings are great, not only do they save money but you get to experience an in-depth journey with your chosen practitioner. Choosing the right person to work with is paramount and can be detrimental to your health if not selected wisely, this is why we offer a FREE 30 min video call to make sure you resonate with what we offer.

You are the most important person in your life, trusting someone to guide you through your deepest pain, your saddest memories, your traumatic events and even talking to your loved ones that have passed over, requires a skilled practitioner that can safely hold space whilst you explore your innermost feelings.

Providing you with a coping mechanism before you look at your stuff can really set the tone for your journey ahead with a block booking. Replacing outdated coping mechanisms can take time and cannot be rushed. The pace is set by you and not the practitioner. Your body needs time to adjust and get used to a new way. Using EFT and matrix Reimprinting can help you go back to an earlier time, to meet your inner child and find resolution with life changing results. Practising EFT Tapping daily can really excel your healing time

We have worked with many clients and helped them to overcome obstacles, hurdles, and difficult challenges. We've even helped clients who are not into energy work and have never tuned into themselves before. There is a place and a pace for everyone.


This can also work great alongside any counselling or therapy sessions you are currently having elsewhere, even if you are on medication like anti-depressants.

Choosing a block booking is gifting yourself the time to heal old wounds, to honour yourself, to love yourself, to work things out with you on a deeper level, to find answers, to replace old programs and to interact with your inner child or shadow side. Sound scary? When done in the right environment, with the right coping mechanism, this can be an enjoyable experience and hence why we put these things in place first, something that simply can't be done in one session.

How can this help?

This can really help people with...



Mental health issues

Suicidal thoughts and tendencies

Loss of loved ones (bereavement)





Abuse (Sexual, psychological, mental or physical)

Feeling unsafe

Not trusting people


Illness and disease

and so much more

How to book

Press the button below to email us and book your FREE 30 min consultation by video call to see if what we offer resonates with you. If you're happy to go ahead after that, we'll get you booked in at a time convenient for both of us. In some cases, same day appointments may be available, just ask.

We would love to share this journey with you, and really look forward hearing from you

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