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How many sessions will I need?

Most people ask this question when booking sessions with Fluid Minds and make the mistake of thinking they can heal in one or two sessions when dealing with deep seated trauma. Although this would be lovely and sometimes possible, it's not always realistic. 

When dealing with traumatic events and memories, it will require a number of sessions due to the nature of the subject. We find that not having a coping mechanism in place can reduce healing times


The prices below are based on using EFT & Matrix Re-Imprinting, Theta Healing or both as these are our main services. Other services are available

Single Sessions

  • 1 hour - £125 per session

Block Bookings 

1 session per week

  • Block of 3 sessions £337.50 (save 10%)

  • Block of 5 sessions £500 (save 20%)

  • Block of 10 sessions £875 (save 30%)


Mentoring Programs

For more than 1 session per week 

  • 1 Week Program £500

  • 2 Week Program £500

  • 3 Week Program £900

  • 4 Week Program £900


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