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Entity Clearing

Not everyone believes in ghosts, spirits and the paranormal. But if there are strange goings-on in your home or workplace that you just cannot explain. It's most likely that it needs clearing of such energies…

Entity Clearing

Do you feel low, heavy and depressed at home?

Do you feel uncomfortable in your workplace?

Can you feel an energy or presence in a certain room or space?

Do you feel like you're being watched?

Do you, your family or friends have trouble sleeping at night?

Does the land under your home have a story to tell?

If you have answered 'YES' to any of the above then we can certainly help to clear you, your family, your pets, your home, your workplace and even your land.


We are not ghostbusters, but intuitive healers trained in Theta Healing to send all energies to the light through 'Creator of all that is' from the 7th plane of existence. This is the highest and best way to remove all waywards, entities, attachments, walk-ins, fallens, anything hidden and things of the dark like demons.

Waywards are spirits that have missed their window to go to cross over. They will attach themselves to people who are close to the spiritual light that person emanates, like a moth to a flame. A person who has carried a wayward spirit with them for some time may have a physical illness caused by the wayward draining their energy from them. As soon as the wayward has gone, the symptoms can completely vanish. A person who uses drugs, or alcohol, has more openings/holes in their auric field and tends to attract more wayward spirits. This is just one example of a negative energy you may have in your home. 


How would I feel in a property with negative energies?

  • Feelings of being watched or spied on.

  • Feelings of someone standing close behind you.

  • Feelings of being touched by unseen hands.

  • Feelings of the hair on the back of your neck standing up.

  • Feelings of cobwebs on your face or body.

  • Feeling a cold breeze as if someone has walked past you.

  • Dark depressing feeling, especially in one particular location.

What are the signs?

  • Lights turning on and off, or up and down, on their own.

  • Light bulbs blowing frequently.

  • Badly behaved children 

  • Frequent arguments between family members 

  • Failed business

  • Financial difficulties

  • Sounds of items being dropped – but when you go to investigate, there is nothing there.

  • Seeing unexplained shadows from the corner of your eye.

  • Strange behaviour from pets in the property: e.g. dogs barking or growling at something you cannot see, cats staring in a particular area as if they can see someone.

  • Hearing voices of people, whispers, or someone calling your name.

  • Seeing twinkling lights, mists or unexplained moving shapes.

  • Sudden temperature drops, especially in one area of the property.

What to expect

We offer a very personal service to come to your home, workplace or we can remotely work online to clear you, your family, your pets, your colleagues of all energies and portals that may be affecting your life.


We use Sage to smudge the home to disturb any stagnant energy as we walk around your property. Once finished, we ask that you open all the windows to the property to let the air circulate and remove all energies. We also offer a land clearing so your outside space feels blissful too. Although your house may be clear(ed) you never know the history of the land that your house is built on.

When clearing, we do pick up on entities that may be stuck or stubborn to go. Sometimes we pick up on what they want or how they have died. We have noticed when clearing properties, that this part can take up a lot of time when sharing with the property owner, please bear this in mind on the day.

People have reported a change in energy on the same day, even on our visit. We have many happy customers that have messaged us the next day to say they had the best night sleep in a very long time.

In-Person Prices

This includes travel within a 60 min drive from CT3 2HL

1 Hour Entity Clearing £150

2 Hour Entity Clearing £250

Online Prices

15 min Entity Clearing £35

30 min Entity Clearing £60 

1 Hour Entity Clearing £100 

2 Hour Entity Clearing £175

Energy Clearing: Treatments

The therapies, training and services on this website are not offered as a cure or as a substitute for medical or psychological diagnosis and treatment. The information provided on this website, expressed or implied, is for the purposes of information only; it is not given as medical advice. If you have a health problem, health question or medical emergency you are advised to consult your doctor.

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