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About Marcia


In February 2017, after a long 17 year break, I stepped back onto my spiritual pathway in my early 40’s because trauma was controlling my every move.  I was living in complete fear and knew deep down there was more to life than the way I was living, being stuck in my home controlling everything in my environment, I felt like I was going crazy.


After arriving here on Earth in the 70's, already having lost my twin brother in the womb, set me up for a life of consistent traumatic events. Little did I know at the time, that trauma attracts trauma, and I certainly became a magnet for it!

Self sabotage consumed me and I took myself along a path of self-harm and destruction, I honestly didn't care about myself or whether I woke up the next day. I went on to live a life of drugs and partying as a DJ for 20 years, with that, attracting negative energies like entities where I was spiritual and open to other realms; the catalyst to all of this being my parent's extremely damaging divorce when I was a mere 14 years of age; it truly rocked my world and pulled away any possibility of being able to live a 'normal' life.

Looking back now at the many traumas in my life and not knowing how to treat my symptoms for so long took its toll. I was dealing with what we would describe now as cPTSD with a dysregulated nervous system and a string of failed relationships and businesses to go with it. I literally couldn't function anymore, I needed to do something, and fast, or I feared I would be stuck forever.

After experiencing what I now know to be the dark night of the soul and doing the work on myself has enabled me to look at ALL aspects of myself, to include my inner child and shadow side. It didn't take long until I become good friends with both, which has helped to restore balance and calm my nervous system.


It definitely wasn't an overnight fix and it was very uncomfortable at times however, I always knew that there was light at the end of the tunnel which kept me going. The conventional methods of society were not going to help me through this, instead I became qualified in the modalities that are on offer today. Being able to help others in the way I needed help is why I do this. My body was shaking from releasing trauma for the first 3 years of my healing journey, I thought I was retraumatising myself until I became  trauma informed and more educated in this field.

I will never be the same again, in a good way of course. I gave up drugs and my party lifestyle when I was around 35, that's 12 years ago. I left all my so called friends behind and never looked back, it wasn't easy hanging up my DJ hat but it had to be done. I now have a safe and stable loving relationship with the love of my life and a thriving healing business. I am also a property landlady of 4 years and looking to expand my portfolio in 2024. Life is good, but I couldn't have done it without looking inwards to change what was going on. 


I now work very deeply with others, finding the deep-rooted issues that have become our beliefs from childhood, these are programs we walk around with which plays out in our everyday lives. It still amazes me today the transformation I see when working with clients, the results are truly life changing.


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