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Fluid Minds with Marcia & Olivia


We are Marcia and Olivia and we met on our spiritual pathway in 2017, it was the start of a beautiful friendship. Igniting our relationship, we became business partners as well as life partners. After working on ourselves and having a shared passion to help others, Fluid Minds was born.

We truly believe that our current mental health system is broken. We are not taught how to cope or deal with our emotions growing up nor was it taught in school which only leaves one option when we find ourselves needing help, your GP! who is not trained in energy work. If we feel depressed, medically speaking, the only solution we have is to be prescribed tablets. Now don't get us wrong, there is a time and place for medical treatments, however, we're talking about the thousands of people who may have been misdiagnosed from having traumatic experiences which have been left unhealed.

In some cases, antidepressants only mask the problem and suppress the feelings because we don't know how else to cope. When we don't have a healthy coping mechanism in place, we go back to old habits like drinking, smoking, eating, self-harm and taking drugs to name but a few. Eventually, we will have to come back off those tablets, by which time people are addicted or too scared to come off them.

Talking therapies, like counselling, can help to some degree but this only allows the client to get things off their chest and not shift them from their body, clients report they just feel like they're 'going around in circles.' People who have paid thousands to go to rehab end up relapsing within the first year, why? because whatever caused the problem in the first place was not shifted at a cellular level. This is why we are so passionate about what we do, to let people know there is another way and they are not crazy, broken, dismissed, unseen or unheard.


We are a private Alternative Holistic Therapy business for both Adults and Children, in some cases, pets too. Although we are qualified in a number of modalities, we specialise in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Matrix Reimprinting (MR). The beauty of EFT & MR is that it can give people a coping mechanism to deal with emotional difficulties and help with symptoms of mental health, illness and disease.


We have helped many clients heal deep seated emotional trauma and programmes that have been keeping them stuck in flight, fight, freeze and fawn responses. Our therapies enable the client to go back and rescue fragmented aspects of themselves that may be stuck in an earlier time. If left unhealed, these traumas can manifest as triggers, childlike behaviours, moods and even dissociation from their own mind and body. By changing the past, we can really free ourselves up in our current life.

Our mission is clear, to help people reclaim their power, find their voice, feel safe, be seen and heard, promote self development and give people the tools to do so. Not only does this enable our clients to help themselves, but in the longer term, it helps them to rely less on the things that simply don't work. We invite you to embark on a journey of self discovery and become the person you came here to be.

Our logo represents our business perfectly, it's the core of our business as it shows the neurological pathways that connect us with our inner child. We believe that this is where the magic happens and we're very excited to share this you. 


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