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About Olivia


Having a direct connection to the universe, creator and the angels as a child, I always knew there was more to life as we see it and many adults would say that I was wise beyond my years. Remembering the conditioning from people around me to conform, wake up to the world, I always saw the world beyond myself as a scary place to be. My caregivers were not safe. school filled me with dread, children in the local area were tormentors but thankfully my grandma, God and the angels were my friends. 

From a very early age I'd lived in flight or fright and my coping mechanism was one of fawning, being brought up in a completely hostile environment filled with physical abuse, drugs, alcohol and threats towards my life, I became afraid of my own shadow. On the surface I was a very confident and carefree child, I'd learned to adapt to my environment and make it work for me. It wasn't until my early teens when I moved from my home to Kent, that I really understood how awful my parents were and had been throughout my childhood and no one else was in a position to see it. I felt lost, liberated, alone and alive when they finally moved abroad when I was 16, leaving me here to fend for myself; I honestly did not care if I lived or died and from my perspective, no one else cared either.

Having entered a relationship at 15 years old, I thought I knew it all and could live without the love and care of any family member. Unfortunately it was not long until the cheating, violent outbursts and abandonment prevailed. Loneliness was bitter and was something that was prevalent until we divorced some 32 years later. Not only having myself to think of but now a mum of 4, I decided to start to heal the wounds of my past as they were most certainly restricting any happiness and enjoyment I was allowing myself to feel and that was affecting my children.

Qualifying as a Primary School Teacher some 20 years ago gave me the financial independence that I needed to be able to raise my children as I was left literally holding the babies, but the stress and expectations of the job really took it's toll and I began realising that I needed to call on something deep within to come and save me; little did I know that it was myself that would be healing all of the lost and broken parts of me that I didn't even realise were lost of broken.

I embarked on remembering who I used to be as a child, before the world got in the way, in 2017. It was during this period that the light once again began to shine into my soul and with it brought the most beautiful gift the universe could ever offer me, the beautiful love of my life, Marcia. After being so lost and lonely for a whole of a lifetime, I was seen, held and heard like never in my life before.

The damage of the past literally turns you into who you become, even with the wisest head in the world and acknowledging all of the pain, it is almost impossible to live a happy life unless all of the past trauma has been resolved and work on yourself is in progress. Matrix reimprinting saved my life and the work I have done has brought me to a space where I am so happy to be me, to be alive and look forward to every new day.

I have seen so many people affected emotionally and physically by their pasts who have absolutely no idea about healing the emotional to heal the physical and actually facilitate so much space and positivity in your adult life, this work is transformational and I want to share and shout out to the world that you really do not need to suffer and live in pain just because of what people have put us though. Namaste.

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