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Overcoming Anxiety Ebook and Workbook

Your heart starts to pound... you begin to feel dizzy or faint... you experience shortness of breath. You feel tingling or numbness in your hands and feet… you start to feel pressure in your chest… you think you may be dying or at the least having a heart attack… you think you may be going crazy… but you're NOT! These are the classic symptoms of an Anxiety Attack.


Millions of people scattered about the United States, not to mention other countries across the world, have them every single day. You may be one of them. Or you may know someone that is battling with this affliction.


Either way, you need to know how to help yourself, or someone you care about deal with Anxiety. And the best way to do this is through understanding what Anxiety is and offering them, or getting, the support they desperately need.


My hope is that as a long time sufferer of Anxiety and Depression, you can help yourself, or a loved one, not feel as if they are alone in this horrific disorder by reading through this guide. That there are other people out there that are suffering just as you may be right now at this very moment. And that you can get help and overcome this affliction. You can learn to live with it and stop letting it control you.



1 Intro to Anxiety

2 Knowing what Anxiety is

3 Managing your Anxiety

4 Knowing different types of Anxiety

5 Supporting others who suffer from Anxiety

6 Tell tale signs of Anxiety attack

7 Eliminating your Anxiety

8 Knowing and managing Anxiety triggers

9 Relationship between Anxiety and Depression

10 Conclusion

11 Workbook with printable sheets to journal daily

Overcoming Anxiety Ebook and Workbook

  • This product is a digital online ebook with 96 pages of content, quotes and a workbook at the back with printable sheets for you to journal daily

    You will receive your download link immediately after purchase and also in an email.

  • Due to the nature of this product, digital downloads are non-refundable. Please make sure you are happy with this before purchasing. 

    You will receive your download link immediately after purchase, please check your spam folder if you havent received your Ebook within 15 mins

    You have 30 days after purchase to download your Ebook

    You will NOT receive any physical products in the post

    This Ebook is the property of Fluid Minds ONLY and not for RESALE

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