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I had my 3rd healing in a series of 5 that I’m receiving from the fabulously talented Marcia Staples. I find it pretty easy to slip into past/multidimensional lives, but going into childhood issues from this life had been historically blocked or confusing, even under hypnosis.
Marcia managed by the 2nd session to make me feel safe enough to go into some of those early memories. Yesterday was the deepest, pulling up the confusion from my 4 year old’s fragile memories , creating a very safe place to allow her to tell all that she had been keeping secret. I was made to feel comfortable, safe and in control, while releasing and letting go of all the old traumas and fears. The shift in me and my inner child was huge!
I finally felt clarity and freedom. And relief!!

Thank you Marcia! I just did the follow-up exercise, and will for a few weeks. It feels awesome!

Linda B, Kent, UK

Right from the start Marcia was so warming, calming and very understandable of me as a person and we instantly had a bond which i trusted.

As i had lots of work to do on myself Marcia took this in her stride and talked me through how we can deal with each one in time through a natural process which will feel right to me,

She taught me some really good grounding techniques and shifted masses of negative energy from me ( which i did not understand before)

One incredible miracle from the 1st session was a regression i did with Marcia who took me back to a very prominent time in my life which effected my relationship with my mum right up until today, this had effected my own relationships especially with my partner of today.
Marcia and I did some work on healing the relationship between me, my partner and mum and within the hour, my mum contacted my partner with a message without prompt.

To say this was just after 1 session, i was very impressed with this progress and with Marcia.

As the sessions are heavy. Marcia's after care is also brilliant as she genuinely cares about you.

I would 100% recommend Marcia for EFT and Matrix work

I know this can really help me change my life

Thank you Marcia Staples x

David W, Yorkshire, UK

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